Preserve This

What could be better than taking our fresh organic produce including hand-picked heritage vegetables and mouth-watering fruits and making them into award winning jams, preserves, pickles, salsa and even crikey hot peppers. Our preserves are created in a farm inspected processing kitchen in a special preserves area.

Not to forget pastry chef Ayse’s award-winning baking: fruit pies and meat pies, special Christmas and seasonal baking.



5 Comments to “Preserve This”

  1. farmer says:

    Love the labels. They are all delish and devine.

  2. Dave Devall & Miriam says:

    Hi There
    We finally found you and will get up to see you a.s.a.p for meat, produce and preserves.

  3. Julie says:

    Hello Ayse
    Are you all still doing the famers market , if so do you bring baked pie along

  4. nora says:

    I hesitate to say, publicly, all the products you make that i love because I worry that they will be gone before i arrive at market. Suffice it to say that i dream about your pies – both apple and rhubarb [especially when your son had snow day and made an apple pie with triple crumble toping – I loved how you presented the veggies in brine last week at market and they are so tasty just as a snack, and your green tomato and apple chutney was just opened fresh 15 minutes ago and now it’s gone. Thank you for all you do.

  5. Angelina Degelder says:

    I’m curious if you sell from the farm – I am south of Owen Sound – a little far from Toronto :)

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